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Milano 1860 - Camnago 1943

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Alberti was formed at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, where he later was a professor. Like other fellow students, including Magni and Ripamonti, produced numerous sculptures to adorn the graves in the cemetery monuments of Milan. Initially he devoted himself to social issues, making sculptures and monuments guadagnanarsi that allowed him to international fame. In painting, however, he expressed his passion through landscapes, still lifes and portraits. In 1930 he exhibited in Milan plaster, marble and bronze, thirty paintings, hitherto unknown. He was also a draftsman for lithographic works. In 1891 he received two awards at the Milan Triennale for the bronze sculpture Ignatia, inspired by themes of Dante, which was on display in Vienna in 1894 and which is now preserved in Busto Arsizio, in the Villa Ottolini. In 1892 one of his bas-relief The Odes of Pindar was exhibited in Monaco of Bavaria, and in 1900 took part in the Universal Exhibition in Paris. His works were the object of interest and admiration, giving him awards at all exposures, Italian or European, which he participated. In those years, Alberti signed a bas-relief that faithfully reproduced the neo-Gothic project of Giuseppe Brentano for the facade of the Duomo in Milan and was then placed inside the church itself. Alberti was much appreciated by the followers of Jean Royère and his "sculptural musicismo" as Folder Joseph Gelardi who was a careful but passionate critic. To him we owe the great statues on the facade of the building of the Milan Stock Exchange, built in 1901, in which you can catch signs of an eclectic sensibility. In 1930 he held a retrospective exhibition dedicated to him in the Galleria Pesaro in Milan. He died in Camnago, in the province of Milan, 15 July 1943. Many of his sculptures are part of the heritage of the cataloged Ca Granda. Source: Wikipedia.






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